What's your government doing? False socialism and false communism are bad, no reason to advance and controlled by a tyrant or dictator. capitalism is good to be productive and advance. Although when those that have advanced more than others gather with monopolizing and restricting others from advancing, it starts collectivism leading to a false socialism and a false communism controlled by a tyrant or dictator. Deja vu, said that online 20 years ago. We have the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Federal business laws and regulations, each state has a constitution and business laws and regulations. A politician is allocated billions of dollars to invest in his district. The politician lives comfortable and enjoys power and control while his district is overcome by crime, violence and trash. The young have not been educated so they do not know, the world does not run on yelling and violence, it runs on monies.stop the cash flow, the government listens. The votes are not fairly counted, each state is allowed to have all residents vote, for state, not for federal, those must be U.S. citizens.

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If anyone is also a Twitter user and ever needs backup, i created a group called Twitter Fight Club so we can aalert each other and "pounce' on leftists to destroy their lies and garbage.

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