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I have been combing through tons of book advertising sites. I can't afford Amazon or Facebook ads. But I found a place called for Voracious Readers Only. You sign up and agree to give people a copy of your ebook free and they leave reviews. It's free to try out and I got about 30 people who opted in the first time. If you want to continue it was $20 for the next 6 weeks and I think $20 after that a month. Definitely worth checking them out. Here is a sample of the Opt-Ins I got this weekend so far They also nudge the Opt-Ins to leave reviews https://voraciousreadersonly.com/authors/


I have started to blog. To be honest, I started my blog to try to sell more books, but the blog is free. Please check it out. I would love feedback.


Blog | Peter Serefine

Blog | Peter Serefine

This is the blog of a average conservative American

Hello. I wrote and published my first book 2 months ago. I was disgusted with some of the new laws and wrote about social "progress" in America. Recently started a blog too. Both can be found here: https://serefine.com/

Any writers out there? If so please come post links to your books or anything else about writing you want

what's a decent writing program and who should I go to, to get published?

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