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admin. Why cant i post images frommy smartphone here? Are you having glitches?

I'm getting kind of tired of the lack of engagement of apparently everyone on Magabook. I mean, we're all here, I assume, because we're sick of being censored on other platforms. If you're as quiet on Facebook as you are here, I don't understand how you got into trouble there. Magabook will disappear if you don't help to build it. I always check the pages of anyone who follows me or that I'm considering following. And most of those people don't even have a single post on their pages. I only follow people who are actively contributing. Why the rest of you are here is beyond me. I say this because I'm frustrated with Facebook constantly 'punishing' me because of things that I've posted, and I'm frustrated with the fact that so many people who came here to get away from that aren't doing much of anything. I'm in several groups on here, and this one with only 58 members is by far the largest group I'm a part of. Not a lot of engagement.

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  • In this group you can say anything the Supreme Court allows under the 1st Ammendment. If you can't handle words, you are too delicate for this group, so move on. If you are easily offended, this group and opinions within are not for you. If you dont like what someone says get over it or block them. Pull on your big boy pants and come say what you REALLY want to say.