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If anyone is also a Twitter user and ever needs backup, i created a group called Twitter Fight Club so we can aalert each other and "pounce' on leftists to destroy their lies and garbage. Im @boohickert and will have your back.


I just got out of Facebook Jail. An old friend had messaged me a link to Youtube about conservative news stories that I was unable to respond to until today. I just looked for his message, and Facebook deleted it in my messenger, You can't even share messages secretly on messenger anymore? It wasn't even public, and the motherfucker is GONE!

Hey guys! I just got banned by our friends at Facebook for including this post in a conversation on changing racial makeup in our country. Here's what I said to get banned: "Angela, on the birthrate thing, probably because Americans got the brunt of the whole 'the world is overpopulated and it's such a shitty world anyway so just don't have children' mantra. Our birthrate to maintain our current racial mix is in flux. This is why Muslims and others are crazy to get in here to start fucking like rats. They plan to overtake us sooner and not later." Here's what I said to Facebook when they asked if I had anything to say about it: "The discussion was about changes in the makeup of a population based on who was maintaining population growth. It's a formula created by social scientists, I was just referencing it. The fact that I referred to procreating as fucking like rats is just how I typically express myself. There was nothing in my post that was remotely in violation of your 'standards'. Aside from my profanity, which you seem OK with, there was no conjecture on my part. Just conveying information I have read in scientific media."

Another way of saying 'affirmative action' is to say that you're fucking a more deserving person, so you can move forward in line, as in BREAKING IN LINE. This is exactly what those in the enrollment scandal were doing: breaking in line and taking someone else's place who was more deserving. Affirmative action for rich people. So, what we have going on in this country is that rich people and poor people get to leapfrog over those from the middle class because they are somehow more deserving. The middle class continues to get fucked in the ass by those who feel entitled. No wonder that the middle class is on death watch. We're a societal Oreo cookie, and we are the white, creamy stuff on the inside.

Martha McCallum, the candidate for the governorship in Mississippi doesn't want a female reporter riding with him alone as he goes through his travels. I cannot believe that you seem to be siding, once again, with the leftists who are shitting their pants over this 'sexist' decision. You know goddamn well that women can easily come back later with "Well, he said and did some VERY inappropriate things, and I felt uncomfortable." It's happening all the time these days in this #metoo movement times, and even our Vice President won't do it. So, your disingenuous problem with his decision gives me one more reason not to watch even your show anymore, and I USED to love your show. Great job, Martha. You have joined the left.

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