Their coming after our President, after us and their coming hard. They are blocking posts, accounts, our great President's campaign ads and any good thing that he does. We have to come together and be thousands of warriors out there fighting on his behalf, because we all know what happens if he loses. We have 6 months to make as big an impact as we can. This is our think tank, our place to organize and most importantly, everyone can bring their individual talents to help us all out by teaching us what we don't know. I am one person and there are many people that know more than me and have other talents they can teach the group!

Let's start with Facebook

Every time a post is liked, commented on or a comment is liked, it keeps it active and bumps it up the timeline keeping the post active. This works 2 ways:
1-It keeps posts active that we want to make sure is seen by as many people as possible by liking, commenting or sharing. It gets the word out to people who were not online a few hours ago that would have missed you may see the same awesome post 50 times,..
If you have a BIG NEWS or important post...after sharing it when you notice that your notifications are 4 to 5 hours ago....go back and like a comment...just one. It bumps it up the timeline keeping it active and leaves you more comments to keep bumping every so many hours. Stopping the post from falling into the timeline abyss. This will get one post in front of hundreds of more people than would have normally seen it. Making more people that can interact and share and keep getting the word out. Now just imagine...thousands of us doing it!
2 The 2nd way this works is not so good. We see posts that trigger a reaction in us and we want to react with that angry symbol and ...say here in our groups or in Facebook Q groups that don't hurt our cause...But say on our personal timeline...remember something that makes us angry will bring joy to people from the other when we are interacting...were essentially bumping that post and giving them free advertising, or power to get them traction for their cause. Just something to think about!!! It's much better to not give any reaction, copy that link and share in Q groups or any other LIKE MINDED group.

Join all Q groups so you don't miss anything important and share share share the big news all over! Whatever it may be!

Trump Campaign Ads:
Share these when you see them, share them often. Facebook is blocking him from having ads, so let's get them out there as much as we can!

House and Senate Ads- At least like them if it's a Republican that is on Trump's side, will bump that post and get the ad in front of others and keep it active. Remember even if you have seen the same ad 50 times just like it. It's VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE DO NOT LOSE THE SENATE AND HOPEFULLY CAN TAKE BACK THE HOUSE and stop this INVESTIGATE TRUMP SHIT SHOW!

Tips for posting on Facebook

If it is something that may be blocked or censured..often times you can confuse Facebook algorithms with false hashtags. Such as #obamacare #workfromhome #doggytreats

Almost anything virus or vaccine or Fauci related is being blocked from posting...sometimes some simple editing of words will do the trick. I shared one once that would not go thru finally i worded Fauci as the Big F because the post had his photo in it and it went through...LOL . Do what you have to!

It's so easy to be a digital warrior most people are on Facebook anyways and we CAN'T ABANDON FACEBOOK IT'S VITAL TO OUR CAUSE!! Magabook is awesome, and a place where we can come together teach each other and freely post, but we can't get our word out to blind people here so we need both tools. Facebook is our Tour of Duty, Twitter is our Tour of Duty and Instagram any other social avenues we use or can utilize for our cause.


Feel free to share anywhere you want and share this group too! We need to bring us all together that's willing to fight for our freedom, our constitutional rights and to fight for our President that is busting his ass and taking arrow after arrow for us!!

More posts to come....feel free to add any ideas or suggestions, its late i just wanted to get the ball rolling! Welcome to the group let's go kick some DIGITAL ASS!!!

On Facebook watch your notifications...when someone has shared your post, always go there and like it to keep it bumping to the top of the timeline. If your determined enough let that notification sit for 5-6 hours (because their friends will be interacting with it keeping it active} and then when you have seen that much time has passed with no likes or comments...go thru your list for those interactions (notifications) that happened 5-6 hours ago. Personally i don't go down my personal timeline to bump posts I use my timeline because it tells you exactly how long it has been since the post has had an interaction. This is another great tool to dominate Facebook with posts positive to our cause!!!

Tip of the day! Join the Official Walkaway Campaign for great stories like these to slowly red pill people on your Facebook timeline. There are a lot of great stories like this one, just drop a story here and there and you will start getting some questions then at that time direct them to Fall of Caball or Out of Shadows on YouTube!

#WalkAway Campaign Public Group | Facebook

#WalkAway Campaign Public Group | Facebook

#WalkAway Campaign has 274,984 members. - The #WalkAway Campaign is a true grassroots movement. It is a video campaign movement,...

Hey fellow Digital Warriors! Q is calling us to duty! The time is now! Step up Digital Warriors...they are deploying all assets now Q is deploying us! We have a 4 month battle! Let's get to work! Take your oath and check your missions here!


Digital Warrior Tip of the day! On social media websites don't interact by liking, commenting or sharing posts that go against our agenda no matter how angry they make you...avoid that angry bump that post and are sharing the oppositions message by keeping the post active!!! Everytime you bumps it up the timeline! As digital warriors we want all their negative messages to fall into the timeline abyss!!! And flood timelines with positive supporting messages about trump, and posts about that bad stuff the dems are doing thats getting buried in the news! THIS is how we get our President re-elected!
**On a side note...this is a MAGA site so share EVERYTHING YOU WANT HERE! We are not on the battlefield here!

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Shared by: AGENDA21 - Assault on Humanity
This is a where the globalists put the shine on their SHIT! Too many articles to post so take a look at the headers and choose what you want to read. I suspect no one here needs to be reminded this is all NWO code and PR lies about the culling and enslavement of humanity.

Agenda / Global Agenda | World Economic Forum |

Agenda / Global Agenda | World Economic Forum |

The stories shaping the Global, Regional and Industry agendas
I am hoping some of us will find the right articles to share with some of the doubters we know. Hopefully because there is so much in-our-face insanity going on people may be more receptive to seeing what the true agenda is. There is a lot of information out there we can use to try to reach them. Because we need everyone we can get to STOP ACQUIESCING TO THE MASTERS OF DESTRUCTION, TO OUR OWN DOWNFALL. IT'S NOW OR NEVER. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP.
Good luck people.

I am creating this group so we may fight back to Protect our President to aide in his battle against the Media and the Deep State! Where he cant defend, We Will....where he cant get his ads...WE WILL. Learn how to use facebooks algorhythms against them...everyone bring your magic your talents, ideas and suggestions. WE ARE Q THE Q WARRIORS, AND WE FIGHT WITH OUR KEYBOARDS! HOO-RAH!