ATTENTION: This group is dedicated to Qanon, Political, Conspiracy “Theory”, and News Worthy subjects. This includes subjects the “Media” won’t mention or cover. This group is intended to help “Red Pill” (Wake people up, to the reality that we live in). There are two “Realities”. There is a “False Reality” that is created for us. The “Reality” [They] want you to think is real. The “Reality” [They] orchestrated and control the masses via propaganda (Media outlets, movies, music, etc.). Then there’s the REAL REALITY. The one [They] don’t want you to know exists. This reality, is very dark (Lies, murder, propaganda, Pedophilia, Satanic child sacrifices to Moloch, occult practices, cannibalism, Adrenochrome, etc.). It’s no wonder, [They] try to keep this reality hidden. [They] don’t want you to know the truth, or to be “Awakened”. “Dark to light”-Q. [They] want you to remain “Asleep” and in the dark to the truth. In case you haven’t figured it out already, we are truly living in “The Matrix”. There are those that are “Asleep”, who believe their “Reality” is the true reality. But, it is actually a false reality they live in. However; there are also those that are “Awake”, who see reality for what it truly is. A dark and evil reality. If you haven’t seen the movie “The Matrix”, I suggest watching it. Feel free to post on this group timeline, if you have something that will “Red Pill” or that is “News Worthy”.

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TRUMP’S “ZOMBIE” CAMPAIGN AD-NOTE: This campaign ad aired during the new episode of Fear The Walking Dead, on Sunday October 25, 2020.


I understand that this screenshot, is absolutely disgusting. However; no matter how disgusting, evil or sick the truth is, it must still be revealed. “Dark to light”-Q

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Creepy Uncle Joe Biden: He can’t seem to help himself from invading the spaces of women and children. He’s just a very “Hands On”, kind of guy. Published on Feb. 18, 2015.


This group is dedicated to Qanon and “Conspiracy Theory” related subjects.