It never stains. Doesnt smell. No toxic chemicals no oils or polymers or fumes. Drys shiny and baby butt smooth water proofs and uv blocker stops fading and rusting. It really works !

Labs are reportedly working on a Nano-Graphite Top Coat as well. Hydosilex with about 7% sio2 today. Hydrosilex Marine has about 12-14% sio2 formulated.


Don't know what to use HYDROSilex on? Well, any dry clean surface. Home backsplashes furniture appliances counter tops glass wood metals chromed brass. Shiny top coat makes new look new longer waterproofs protects. Makes cleaning and dusting so easy w/damp cloth and paper towel. No more chemical cleaners. Non toxic 100% Eco-friendly in the home.

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  • A few years back the govt contracted laboratory to create a sealant top coat for the military equipment to stop corrosion and lower maintenance costs to ships and trucks and arms. This top coat sealant had come to be known as SiO2 Silica Glass. And it protects blocks Waterproofs and stops corrosion up to surface temperatures of 500° degrees.