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Bye Bye JOE - BIDEN time for the Convalescent


The LEGACY of a PRESIDENT - Black History Month Poster BOY - REED it and Weep


Please Read: The "Republican Party Base" has to start developing a few candidate prospects after "Donald Trump's" 2 terms are up or we certainly will be plagued by another line up of "Fools, Idiots And Piss Ass" Rinos like the the "15" (Not Including Ben Carson) that "Donald Trump" had to face off against in the 2015, 2016 presidential primary.

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A message to Mr. President, "Donald Trump". Why the hell are these women not singing at your rallies? They should sing a few songs directly before you walk out to the podium. Here can be our very own country music "Republican Band".

The Real "Nahuati (Aztec)" Indian Civilization Food Revealed That Has Been Falsely Presented As Authentic Mexican

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