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Although I appreciate people's passion, PLEASE DO NOT POST MEMES ON THIS SITE.

The site is intended for news and information about the WH, Trump and current affairs.
I want this site to stay focused.
Thanks for the continued support and understanding in this matter.

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A message to Mr. President, "Donald Trump". Why the hell are these women not singing at your rallies? They should sing a few songs directly before you walk out to the podium. Here can be our very own country music "Republican Band".

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The Real "Nahuati (Aztec)" Indian Civilization Food Revealed That Has Been Falsely Presented As Authentic Mexican

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  • This is the third platform I started this group. This group is for NEWS only. No memes, no propaganda, no "hear-say". It is intended to be the place members can get the latest REAL news, upcoming rallies, et.