USMM Petition and Distributions
This group will be working to create petitions of grievances against many of the issues concerning the loss of our rights by UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS BY THE FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS and international organizations trying to implement global governance and population reduction with possible mass murder scenarios ( like unproven mandatory 'vaccines' )
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https://mewe.com/join/usmmpetitionanddistributions "

MeWe - The Next-Gen Social Network

MeWe - The Next-Gen Social Network

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Using the combined strengths across multiple platforms to quickly address situations happening at any level of our Republic.. city, county, territory, state, federal and international levels The ' home area' right now will be on MeWe.com due to the folder based file system needed to keep the different petitions and documents... I hope to be able to back that information up to our main web server for backup ' in case ' a little easier than I could on FB when they murdered our structures.