When You Wonder

“Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the Lord”(Song of Solomon 8:6).

My girl, deep breath now. First of all, let Me tell you something: you don’t have to have this life all figured out to live it well. You can keep going, one day at a time, looking for Me, not looking for Me. Your actions show Me what you love. I know your heart already. And your actions can move your heart to respond to Me in ways you can’t, at the time, see.

Be encouraged: the moments of the going and the doing and the waiting and the longing--couldn’t they be responses to my whispers in you? You worry that you will miss Me. You look back on your day and you wonder, “Was that enough? Was I present with You, Father? Is working and wondering and running here and there a way to be with You? Is this the life You planned for me? Am I doing this right?”

Oh, girl, you don’t disappoint Me.

My daughter, I could not love you more, no matter what you do. Can you imagine living from that place, of knowing I adore you? Can you imagine awakening in the morning and knowing, no matter what is in store, you are not alone? My lovely one, I smile on you. I have to catch my breath when I think about you.

You captivate Me.

Daughter, remember you are rescued. Remember, you are free. Remember, you are white as snow; cast all cares upon Me. Remember I am your strength. Remember I am the rock who will always help you stand. Remember, I came, and I know weariness and temptation. I know pain and frustration. I know hunger and thirst and the pressures of eyes of this world. I went before. I carry you now.

Going forward (steady now) . . I am with you. No need to question where I am or if I love you or if you are doing a thing right. Your knowing my love for you is your guide.

My love, believe. That is how you measure a day.


Loop | Email Devotional for Busy Women | FREE | get Loop today

Loop | Email Devotional for Busy Women | FREE | get Loop today

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Want Some Courage?

I press on toward the goal for the prize
of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus—Philippians 3:14

In some respects, we know the men we’d like to become. For one, we’d like to be courageous for God, not simply surviving these lives, but living boldly in them. Well, we absolutely can (Romans 8:31-39). The thing is . . . it’s hard. We’re easily distracted—by our drives for achievement and advancement and accumulation. And we’re easily made afraid—that we’ll be embarrassed if we act boldly for God; that we’re not qualified to stand with him; or just that we’ve never done it before and don’t know how to start. Yes, it’s difficult becoming courageous and, actually, it’s meant to be.

God didn’t create two types of men—some cowardly and some courageous. No, he leaves the cowardice/courage decisions to us. That said, we cannot simply choose for courage and instantly become courageous any more than we can instantly become . . . say . . . orators or outdoorsmen. If we want to become either of those, we must practice. We must start small and fail and succeed; we must work and learn. So it is with courage. We become courageous men by practicing courage, by accumulating experiences, small at first, of actually being courageous.

So, there are two types of men, but it’s those willing to practice and those not, resigned instead to lives of safety. The good news, brother, is that becoming the former doesn’t require an inordinate amount of time or a major lifestyle change. It just takes a bit of resolve.
Okay, so what do we do?

Practice. Do something. Don’t overreach (and set yourself up for failure); but don’t reach too short either (and render your efforts pointless). Choose in the middle—something intimidating, but not overly. Here are some suggestions: face a phobia; spend time with someone the rest of the world avoids; serve in a way you’ve never served before.


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WiRE - Christian Email Devotional For Busy Men | FREE | get WiRE today

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