1/3 I know people are getting anxious for the mass arrests (Especially of Hillary and Obama), but there are some things everyone must understand. The corruption is WORLD WIDE! [They] are all connected in one way or another. If the corruption is to be eliminated it must be done on a world wide scale. Not just here, in the U.S. Otherwise, it will happen again in no time. We The People are not just fighting for America. We are fighting for the world! And eliminating corruption on a world wide scale..takes time. There are steps (Legal) that must be taken to bring [Them] down. The average person has NO CLUE to the depth of corruption, and it can not be eliminated over night. Also, how do you think the “Sheeple” will react if Obama and Hillary, etc., are suddenly arrested? They HATE Trump now! How would they feel about him if he called for the arrests of the DS Players? The plan REQUIRES the DS Players to EXPOSE THEMSELVES TO THE PUBLIC! The “Sheeple” need to see for themselves before the arrests can be made. It’s working! The DS are exposing themselves via immigration, Abortion, etc. These arrests MUST be an easy transition for EVERYONE! Not just Trump supporters. This is a methodical step-by-step world wide military operation. And folks...WE ARE WINNING! (Continued in comments)