We have to DEMAND that HB 85 not be replaced by SB 39! SB 39 is worse than nothing - it is a back door to forced legal federal gun buybacks, and here’s why.

HB 85 places a fine of $50,000 per occurrence when any law enforcement agent attempts to confiscate a weapon. The fine is paid to the victim. SB 39 requires the victim to sue the offending officer in civil court, and explicitly states that the judge decides any redress.

So, you get your gun confiscated. You sue in civil court. The judge rules in your favor and awards $200, or $50, or $5. Now, a precedent is set in court. Law enforcement agents can now go to anyone’s home, take their guns, and pay them whatever the damage was in the original case. Done. A precedent has been set, and it’s backed by Missouri law.

SB 39 carries no teeth. It isn’t a fine, the amount isn’t designated, and you have to sue in civil court to get anything. There is not only no deterrent, but it actually legitimizes forced buy-back programs.

This isn’t an accident. This is design. Call your Senators and Representatives and let them know WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS.

HB 85 must pass!