Breaking - President Trump Gains 7 Points On Sleepy Joe Biden In One Week!

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President Trump gained 7 points on China Joe Biden in one week according to the latest Rasmussen polling.

Awesome news, if you are a President Trump supporter.

The most accurate polling company, Rasmussen Reports, who was showing President Trump down BIGLY last week, just put out their new poll.

With President Trump's victory over COVID-19, his numbers are roaring back.

With less than three weeks to go until Election Day, Democrat Joe Biden's lead dropped 7 points from 12 to a five-point lead over President Trump in Rasmussen Reports’ weekly White House Watch survey. But a week ago, Biden had a 12-point advantage, his biggest lead ever.



Trump also holds a 23% approval rating with black voters.
This is a huge number and will likely turn the election to President Trump.


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