Here’s Why Trump Will Pull Off the Greatest Upset in US Political History on Tuesday

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Democrats and the mainstream media don’t see this coming. Here I will explain the dynamics that will produce a remarkable Trump upset win.

By Wayne Allyn Root

There are three factors Democrats and the media clearly don’t understand. Law and order. The Trump economy. And Covid.

First, law and order. I’ve made the comparison for months now with the Michael Dukakis election of 1988. Democrat Dukakis had a 17-point lead.

George H.W. Bush won an electoral landslide. Why? Law and order became a crucial issue in that election. The same as today.

Secondly, the economy. As James Carville once famously said, “It’s all about the economy, stupid.” People don’t vote with their heart, they vote with their pocketbook or wallet. Always have, always will.

Trump created the greatest economy perhaps in history, before Covid. Household income for middle-class Americans rose dramatically. Everyone had a job. Small businesses thrived. Taxes were lower. Prosperity and opportunity were plentiful. Who votes against that?

Then Covid hit. Trump didn’t stop Covid. No leader anywhere in the world did. Sadly, people (especially very old and sick people) die in pandemics. No politician or policy can change that. But what Trump did was make sure the cure wasn’t worse than the disease. Trump kept the economy alive.


But I’ve saved the best and most important for last

Covid-19. Once again, it ties into the economy and your pocketbook. Biden, Kamala and their emissaries (such as Mayor Pete) have all repeatedly promised if Biden wins, they will lock down this country. They will close businesses. They will enforce nationwide mask mandates.

This is the real reason so many Americans will vote for President Trump on Tuesday. Because it’s either Trump, or we lose everything we have, everything we’ve built, everything that pays the bills.

It’s either Trump, or we lose not just our income, but our quality of life.

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