How The Left Stole Georgia!

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The Georgia legislature was illegally over-ridden by an agreement entered into by Secretary Of State.

Trump's campaign is challenging Georgia's election integrity.

One reason is how signatures with absentee ballots are verified.

"Georgia won’t let us look at the all-important signature match. Without that the recount is MEANINGLESS. Open up unconstitutional Georgia Consent Decree, NOW!" Trump said Monday in a tweet that has since been flagged by Twitter as a "disputed" claim about election fraud.

The ballot will only be rejected if two of the three election workers think the signature on the ballot envelope does not match the voter's signatures on file.

"So there's no way to tie the actual ballot back to that original signature anymore because Georgia law does not allow for that," he said.

Under state law, the envelopes with the signatures and voters' original absentee ballot applications are kept on file for two years, and while litigation could be a course of action, the state's current audit cannot.


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get me mailing list for Georgia and we can prove fraud with a legal affidavit. Congressional elections can be redone when fraud is proven depending on the individual state law.

sean wick 3 months ago