Recovering from Broken Relationships

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Perhaps each and every one of us has had the experience of broken relationships at least once in his/her life.

Perhaps each and every one of us has had the experience of broken relationships at least once in his/her life. A broken relationship is often associated with a broken heart or a faltered soul or with tearful eyes, is something which is always painful. And that is why the term ‘recovery’ is used to measure the tendency to combat with the experience. Recovering from a broken relationship is not that easy, because it means you are out of a so-called comfort zone where you had been taken care of by, dependent upon, felt content and had confidence in another person who is no longer there for you.

Another dreaded part of a broken relationship is that it often happens all of a sudden without having time to recuperate you. Although it is a time-bound process, yet recovering from a broken relationship actually seems to be prolonged sometimes. If you are feeling the same way, it would not be a bad idea at all to seek help. But you need to understand a few things which will help you to restore yourself. Here are a few aspects on recovering from a broken relationship:



It is very much likely that you will feel lonely (even when your close pals or family are around), depressed and under-confident. An undesired urge to go back to your previous relation or feel like crying out all day and night and feeling sorry for yourself. Do not stop the feeling. Let it pour down from your eyes in the form of tears. Do not stop yourself if you want to hum a sad song or stay in the rain, all wet. By allowing your feeling to come out you are likely to lighten your sorrow-laden heart. Soon you will start feeling better. Consulting with a professional or a family member or a close pal will also help.


Before long you will find yourself in a position where you think about your past relation and do not feel sad. You are more likely to think that such a relation was important at that phase of your life. You would not find yourself lonely and under confident even when you are alone. You will start finding people who interests you and whom you can confide in. You will start smiling a lot again, as you used to do earlier. Now, you know you are starting to gain control of yourself and your feelings and realize a ‘happy you.’


This is the time you resume getting back to yourself. There is a saying which goes something like this,” you get hurt when a relation breaks because you loved someone else more than you loved yourself”. So, leave your past well behind you and move on. Tell yourself and to others, “nice person but we were not compatible with each other.”


By this time you will come to understand that that relationship had something really intrigue and important in store for you. You will come to know how a relationship works and how it does not. In other words, you will become more mature and now how to tackle real-life situations. Understand one thing, it is not wise to spend time pondering over the past relationship and waste your time and energy. Whenever it comes into your mind just laugh over it and tell yourself ‘bygones are bygones’. When you come across your past partner and you can easily talk or chat with him and not feel bad, you know you have actually recovered from the Broken Relationship.