Trump Flips Interview With Leftists. Shreds Barr, Ryan, Pence & McConnell Promotes Accomplishments

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Donald Trump accepts an interview with MAGA loathing “Vanity Fair"; Brings The Heat.

Donald Trump may be controversial in many ways, but for a significant part of the US population, Trump is not a fool and is known for constantly looking for angles and to win.

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So when he accepted a seemingly no-win interview with “Vanity Fair,” knowing full well that the interviewers' Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker would mock him and seek to impugn him in every way possible, my thoughts were, what does this billionaire businessman plan to get out of this media exposure.

The hour-long sitdown interview was conducted for the forthcoming book “I Alone Can Fix It.”

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"The true story of what took place in Donald Trump's White House during a disastrous 2020 has never before been told in full. What was really going on around the president, as the government failed to contain the coronavirus and over half a million Americans perished?

The interview was the result of an invitation from Trump to Mar-a-Lago, despite the former president turning down the authors for their first biopic “A Very Stable Genius,” which he had called out as a ‘work of fiction.’

Excerpts of Trump’s remarks were published on Monday in an article in “Vanity Fair.” The remarks that the 45th president had about his former Attorney General William Barr, Vice President Mike Pence, former Speaker Paul Ryan, and then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were far-from-flattering, but a crucial reason for the interview.

As expected Leonnigand Rucker pepper their article with not so subtle, even overt implications that Trump's years in the Trump Tower and Mara Lago had shielded the former president from reality. 

"In addition, they make childish criticisms of Trump's smaller security detail and appearance."

“Trump walked into the room flanked by a couple of plainclothed Secret Service agents, a much smaller detail than he once had as president,” it went on. “He wore his customary dark suit and tie, his face covered with bronze makeup."

In Trumpian form, his former press secretary presented us copies of a bound volume: 1,000 Accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump: Highlights of the First Term,”.

Throughout to hour Trump took aim and blasted that many beliefs hamstrung his 4 years in office.

1. Trump pointed the finger at Mike Pence for supposedly not standing up enough for the president.

“Had Mike Pence had the courage to send it back to the legislatures, you would have had a different outcome, in my opinion,” Trump said.

2. “Trump also complained about former House Speaker Paul Ryan, whom he labeled a ‘super-RINO’—Republican in name only,”

3. “And he said Mitch McConnell has ‘no personality nor a killer political instinct. He faulted McConnell for refusing to eliminate the filibuster to ram through Republican legislation and for not persuading Senator Joe Manchin, the moderate Democrat from West Virginia, to switch parties.”

“He’s a stupid person,” Trump said about McConnell. “I don’t think he’s smart enough.”

“I tried to convince Mitch McConnell to get rid of the filibuster, to terminate it so that we would get everything, and he was a knucklehead and he didn’t do it,” Trump added.

So why did Trump take this interview with a publication that would try to embarrass him? What were the objectives for the former President and deal maker? 

Stay in the news cycle as he is expected to announce he is running for president in 2024.

Remind Americans of his successes as the 45th President Of The United States in spite of the fact that many in the GOP leadership worked against his administration.

Publicly call out the RINOs in the party whom the left try to use to show Trump is a maverick, rejected by even his own political party. 

This is how Trump has worked since he hit the NY real estate scene, and there is no reason to believe he will be changing anytime soon. 

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