Why US Citizens Should Leave Facebook?

Facebook have been caught selling users information, suppressing free speech, promoting marxist ideology while making billions!

Transgenderism (Gender Identity), legalized pot, Maxism, re-segregation, globalism, universal health care and more. Facebook and other social media platforms control how the progressive agenda is seen on their platforms. Expanding the reach for information which advance their agenda while silencing alternative speech, typically conservatives. 

Facebook was caught selling their users information, without their consent, yet after a short period of time, their HUGE user base returned to allow more abuse. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/facebook-selling-data-mean-privacy/

Why do American's allow technology to decide what to think, why do they provide information about their plans, desires and more, all which allows Zuckerberg and other CEOs to become billionaires and cause division in the world.

MAGABOOK has been launched to give the alternative to those who want to stop helping the progressives agenda. Sign up today on their Social Media Platform For Conservatives and Libertarians. No selling of users info or censorship. https://www.MagaBook.com