The New World Order Via The Police State

The New World Order Via The Police State

Against weapons of any kind?  e.g. firearms, pocket knives, etc.  You a 'Safetycrat'?  Meaning what, you may ask.  Anything remotely having the possibility of causing harm would be your first choice of legislating it out of existence.  Outright banning and outlawing.  Maybe you're a 'Handwringer'.  That's the person who worries about virtually everything and anything, effectively dampening the future in more ways than is conceivable.

Right about now many will be asserting they can see nothing wrong with concerns about danger, safety and thoughts to a positive future, and that would be entirely correct.

What is of bearing concern however, are the levels that many will go to achieve such ends however.  Endeavors pursued without any thought given to the resultant consequences.  All in the name of achieving those means.  A correlation could be made to haphazardly playing the game of chess without any thought to the moves being made.  Just think of how that game would play out.

It’s very easy to jump on a bandwagon, assign blame, issue labels and institute laws when a society wants to right its wrongs.  That’s the sole reason why politicians exist.  This allows them to leave their indelible fingerprints on society long after their demise.  Regardless of what else is heard about them, these are ultimately their finest hours.  Make no mistake about this.

Think how easy it is to find fault.  A shooting occurs and the very first premise is to place blame.  Guns are at fault.  The person had mental issues.  No steps were taken for prevention.  The next logical step is to scorn and then legislate law into existence.  It would be mistaken to cast a broad brushed statement by painting these redresses as wrong.  In many cases, they would absolutely be the right thing to do.  But as the mainstream thought process has progressed, many times those are the first and only options as seen available, and in that vein, it is dreadfully wrong.  It’s a very dark and fearful line we draw in so doing.  It provides immediate gratification in many senses, but has the conditions to irrevocably set the tone for future disasters.