Experiences With Life

Experiences With Life. Life is not fair.

Everyone has heard that life is not fair. We all have our own personal issues that can relate to that statement, lest I surely and sorely have mine.

The problem is that it could all for the most part be resolved if it were not for the self absorbing nature of the human species. Absolute truth gets walled and derailed by this.

If anything defines the modern age, it is surely the worship of reason. To be modern, we tell ourselves, is to be rational. Anything that doesn't carry the imprimatur of reason is deemed to be no more than dogma and mumbo-jumbo belonging to the unenlightened past. It is this basis I speak of. Science is held accountable for as well as delivering a lethal blow to faith while giving rise to a supposedly secular culture, which will have no truck with claims to the existence of a Higher Power. They are simply dismissed as the superstitious beliefs of a bygone primitive age of myth, bigotry and all born out of fear.

Yet this central claim of the modern world is not borne out by its own behavior. Far from basking in an age of reason, society is characterized by a profound and widespread irrationality. Society has filled this gap with a range of bizarre, irrational, pre-modern beliefs and behavior steeped only in the sciences.

The post faith world is struggling to adjust to a profound loss of moral and philosophical moorings. There is an ever more tendency to live in a fantasy world filled with irrational beliefs in which myth is thought to restore order to our chaotic lives, and where psychological projection creates the comforting illusion of control.

Presented with this absurd display of hubris and narcissism, society has reacted by junking rationality altogether and elevating much nonsense, i.e. such as the starry eyed fascination with the rich, hollyrot personas, those in power, government officials and law, just for the sake that it is law and is considered indisputable.

This urge to impose some artificial order through myth and fantasy is not confined to just those precipices either. The climate of un-reason has also profoundly affected attitudes on the big issues of the day. Obviously, there will always be differences of opinion and interpretation on which side of an issue to favor, however, what is notable about some of this today is the extent to which it has become all but impossible for factual evidences to make any contribution without upsetting the status quo.

Too many times facts are ignored as if they didn't exist, or they are denied on the premise that they are either evil. deranged or will upset the masses. What I wish to convey in following journal entries is an examination of evidence, reason and logic which I've found to have been exiled in favor of irrationality, ideology and prejudice. Issues which for the most part has much of the collective consciousness of society tightly closed shut.