How PhD Transcription Services Help Researchers

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We provide various types of transcription services PHD such as PHD interview transcription, PHD presentation transcription and more. We provide the services broadly around the world in all major countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia and more. We make sure that our online PHD transcri

Everyone has interest in some subjects, finding you’re interest and doing research on a specific topic, that no one has done before, and getting awarded a degree for your research, is called PhD.

PhD stands for “Doctor of Philosophy” and it was developed in the nineteenth century in Germany. The PhD is actually an Ancient Greek degree. PhD degree was brought into action when the focus shifted towards the production of new knowledge and ideas.

Most people get confuse between PhD and Doctorate, but both are different. Doctorate is the qualification that mostly awarded for doctoral degree, when you produce an advanced work that makes a significant new contribution to your chosen discipline. On other hand, PhD is one of the most common type of doctorate. This degree is awarded in most academic fields.

Use of PhD transcription:

Completing a PhD research degree is not an easy thing, as it requires a lot of research and hard work. A typical PhD normally involves;

1.Literature review i.e.; the survey of current researchers and papers, in the field.

2.Performing original research about the topic and collecting results.

Conducting research on a topic, probably involves reviewing interviews, surveys, historical, content analysis, casual-comparative, experimental and a lot more. In some cases, like recording interviews and surveys, the information is gathered in an audio or video format. At this point listening to an audio/video interviews and producing a thesis is difficult, to overcome this kind of problems, PhD transcription services are used as a solution to help researchers in saving their time.

With the help of the PhD interview transcription services, all your recorded audio or video interviews is transcribed into text format. This (transcript for PhD) will help you in producing a thesis that presents your conclusions.

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