How To Choose The Right Washing Machine

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The ideal size for a three or four-member family is 7kgs. It can approximately take three shirts, three trousers, one bedsheet, two towels and two pillowcases at once.


Various types of washing machines and their different programs, coupled with the fact that there are so many brands in India, means that the task of choosing the right one is quite difficult. Plus, your choice is also dependant on your budget. With this buyer’s guide, we’ll try to make that job easier for you. In this article, we’ll be explaining the pros and cons of the different types of washing machines, and explain the various features they offer.


To decide upon the capacity of your new washing machine, you will need to consider the number of people in your family/home, and the frequency with which you’ll be washing clothes. Basic washing machines take 5kg or 6kg of clothes. This is suitable for families of two, since it can approximately take two shirts, two trousers, one bedsheet, two towels and two pillowcases. Then again, if the frequency with which you’ll be washing your clothes is higher, you can even purchase the 5kg or 6kg models for families of three or four.

The ideal size for a three or four-member family is 7kgs. It can approximately take three shirts, three trousers, one bedsheet, two towels and two pillowcases at once. For a family of five or six members, an 8kg machine is suitable, while a larger family warrants the purchase of a washing machine with a capacity of 10kg or more. This will allow you to fit in three shirts, three trousers, two bedsheets, six towels and six pillowcases at once. Do note that higher capacity machines are heavier, utilise more space and consume more water and power.

Washing programs

Now that you’ve learnt about the types of washing machines, let us delve into the kind of washing programs they have on offer. The programs are decided based on the type and capacity of clothes being washed. Not all machines will have all the programs mentioned below, but these are the most common ones:

Quick Wash

These programs are present on almost all fully-automatic machines. They are meant to wash your clothes thoroughly in a shorter amount of time. They will usually wash and dry your clothes in 15 to 30 minutes, but these programs almost always limit the number of clothes they can take.

Daily Wash

This program is meant for washing regular clothing and undergarments. It’s a simple program that uses less time and water for items that you wash daily.


This one’s meant for heavily soiled clothes. Once you’ve set your washing machine on this program, it will first soak and agitate the clothes thoroughly before starting the normal wash cycle.

Woollens / Delicate

Your woollens and delicate clothes can suffer damage if put through the regular modes, which is why a special mode for washing them exists. This mode utilises low temperatures with minimum drum rotation to keep them safe from wear and tear.


There’s usually a special program meant for washing cottons. It uses hot water in order to thoroughly wash cotton clothes.

Synthetics / Easy Care

This program is meant for non-cotton garments like polyester and viscose that need a slightly more delicate wash. Most machines don’t have this program, in which case you can wash your synthetics on the Delicate program.

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