Using Java with Oracle Database

its about Using Java with Oracle Database

Nowadays, Java is a language used in many projects in many leading projects. Since the language supports many projects in different ways to complete a project in a successful way. Even other language projects include Java programming language for some support.  

Oracle database is known as a relational database that helps to store, modify and use data. JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity used by Java applications to access data in relational databases. JDBC is a standard application programming interface (API) developed by Sun microsystems. I/t is based on X/Open SQL and complies with SQL92 entry level standards. Vendors like Oracle create its JDBC implementation with the help of the java.sql package.

Java to connect to Oracle Database

Database access protocol calles JDBC that helps to connect databases and helps to run SQL statements and queries on the database. Core Java class libraries like java.sql and javax.sql. JDBC allows vendors to supply drivers for a particular database.

This database offers support for the client-side application through JDBC. Oracle call interface and thin driver, oracle.sql and oracle.jdbc packages. Interfaces and classes in these packages extend the standard of JDBC. It allows you to access and modify oracle data types with greater flexibility in a java application.

The following describe Oracle support for the JDBC standard:

  • Oracle JDBC Thin Driver
  • Oracle JDBC OCI Driver
  • Oracle JDBC Packages

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