10-Year-Old Girl Told To Send Topless Photo To ‘Verify’ Age On Popular Kids App

The 10-year-old alerted her mother, 41-year-old Nicola McGarry, to the messages.

A "fake employee" for the popular kids app Gacha Life reportedly instructed a 10-year-old girl to send a nude photo of her "bare chest" to verify her sex and age, threatening that she'd be "permanently banned" from the app if she didn't comply.

According to screenshots provided to U.K.'s The Sun, Cahla McGarry, 10, was sent private messages making the request.

"Welcome to this amino! My name is Mandy and i [sic] work with amino!" the first message from the app says. "So if you didn’t know. This is a safe space for young girls. We require users to be 15 and younger. If you fit these requirements you can be here."