Straight Talk - America, Why Do We Continue Doing Things That Are Failing Without Changing The Variables.

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1. Why do parents drop their children off at schools that are creating low educated, scared & sexually active snowflakes?


Most public schools create environments traditional parents don't like but they continue to drop them off every year anyway. From CA - New York, here is what I found. 

Most schools - 
1. Teach sex education/gender options as early as kindergarten. Promote "CHOICE" and Planned Parenthood
2. Promote social justice movements - BLM ETC. Reject capitalism but promote socialism.
3. Allows bullying / sexual peer pressure
4. Produce students with low test scores
5. Teach historical revisionism
6. Objects to Jesus / Christianity but promote openness towards other "world religions" like Islam Buddhism
7. Replace the importance of the family unit.

In the end - creating generations of conformist socialists who are fighting to fundamentally change our country.

We know where we are heading, do we care enough to change the destination?