Straight Talk - Who Is Responsible For George Floyd's Death?

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Progressive leadership of a majority of the largest failing US cities must be looked at too.

Hey America - A Time For Reset.

Our cultural systems are based on personal responsibility. From the individual up, we must be held accountable for any actions which physically affect other people's lives.

Which political party has been in power in Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Baltimore, Los Angeles ETC. for decades?

Any racism, crimes, violence committed by their citizens, police ETC must be dealt with at every level. In Minneapolis, they have a Democratic Mayor, democratic majority city council, new police chief who has previously sued the city for racial discrimination. In their police department, they had an officer with at least 17 investigations into him and 12 complaints yet he was still on the force, protected by a corrupt police union.

All of the levels mentioned should be held responsible for what happened in the Floyd arrest/death.

We do not have a systemic racism issue in the police departments, we have corrupt progressive leadership in failing cities.