Sleepless In Seattle Takes On A Whole New Meaning

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Seattle Police Chief: "Rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in the area and we're not able to get to [them].

Unlike the '1993 American romantic comedy, Sleepless In Seatle, locals in the “Emerald City" are not part of a romantic connection between Tom Hanks "Sam Baldwin" Meg Ryan "Annie Reed", they are running from rapists, fighting off robbers and some praying they survive the violence all around them.

As in all the activities of these lost misfits wearing blackface masks, aka ANTIFA, and the other SJW wannabees, social structures are missing and anarchy steps in place of normal civil discord. Through their unabated taking of 6 blocks of the city, they have prevented the police from protecting the citizens trapped in their failing social experiment and are already complaining they are running out of food and water.

Headlines are appearing everywhere including, Police Chief "We are not able to get to' 911 calls for rape, robbery in the Autonomous Zone."

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told officers in a video address on Thursday that the decision to abandon the city’s Third Precinct to activists was “not my decision,” and has prevented the department from responding to emergency calls in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Making things much worse is that she reports to a progressive hippie mayor, Jenny Durkan.

At the press conference with Mayor Durkan, who claimed the occupants of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) were engaging in an act of “patriotism,” Best remained noncommittal on a when police might return to the area, but explained that the evacuation had come after reports that the precinct could be burned down.

In interviews, earlier in the day, the Mayor stated, this could all turn into a "Summer of Love". The reality is this "Summer Of Love", touted by the mayor as a possible outcome of this occupation, has rapidly declined in the "Summer of Rape", murder civil unrest.

This reaction from the Mayor attracted comments from all around Twitter including the President

Others are asking, where is the #METOO movement featuring feminists like Alyssa Milano, as once again their gender is experiencing fear, not LOVE, in this early summer uprising?

Chief Best followed up on her statement in the video address, that police had heard of “armed people” in the area “demanding payment from business owners in exchange for protection." Though not retracting her statement, she said her department had not received “any formal reports” of CHAZ occupants extorting businesses.

The police union spoke out strongly in support of their local officers. Michael Solan, the head of Seattle’s police union, also slammed the decision to leave the precinct, calling it “the closest I’ve seen to our country becoming a lawless state.”

Will Washington become a lawless state or will even their far-left politicians revert back to law order through the heroic efforts of their local peace officers working with the communities?