3 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Now that we are at second-half of the year 2020, it will be amusing to realize the advancement of websites in so many areas and the web development choices that we have around us.

Fortunately, we have ventured into the time where everything has created through the arousing of one’s imagination and expertise  At the present time, we have an ocean of various sites, holding a serious edge towards each other. With the immense database, Artificial knowledge, devices, and propelled web patterns, we have made some amazing progress to the state. Today, we can just have a decent chuckle,  when we run over such the old pages. In 2020 your site can impact your business on the loose. The world has digitalized totally, and for this very explanation, great website composition is an extreme issue.


There are a few times that we visit a site, and badly designed website composition puts us off. As an experienced freelance web developer in India, here is a rundown of 3 errors that one can ever come


  1. Excessively strict web indexes


Web crawlers are fundamental for any site. It is surely to encourage the guests, by the simplicity of route to the right page or data required.  It is simply nerve-wracking when developers use a complex hierarchy for their subpages and don't make corrections with the right spelling or the auto treatment of grammatical mistakes, plurals, hyphens and different variations of the content composed in the urls. The web crawlers fail to crawl all pages due to the structure and even visitors are left confused. A two or three clicks must be enough for the desired page.


  1. PDF documents


But ,one thing which can make the visitor get diverted from perusing , is an interference.  If the client loves your content, the person will be engaged with it, except if there are redirected hyperlinks that may make them float away from your site. Likewise, if a PDF document comes in the middle of the content, the client won't be prepared to add on additional tabs on its PC. It is smarter to abstain from including a PDF document in the middle of your web content ,with the goal that the clients are more included.  PDF documents contain little textual styles which can upset the visitor as he will be changing from a greater textual style (on your website page) to a littler textual style (on the PDF record).


  1. Non-Responsiveness of your Website.


In the advanced world, the use of cell phones is higher than the utilization of PCs or workstations. It is fundamental for page designers to ensure that their site is compatible on a mobile phone.  Henceforth it is vital for a page to be perfect on a cell phone so that clients don't have an issue in finding what they are searching for.