My rant of the day ....
We hear so-called experts on TV warning that social distancing , mask, and other restrictions will still be necessary after people are vaccinated ! Wow , Whats up with that ? All indications are that those in power have no intention of allowing Americans to live normally !! --Which for Americans to live freely ''again'' .And sadly , just as Galileo's time , the root of our problem lies in ''the experts'' and vested academic interest .
One could make a reasonable case that those who continue to push social restrictions without acknowledging their failures and the harms they cause are themselves putting forth misinformation. Despite that, i will not call for their official rebuke. I will not try and cancel them. I will not lie to distort their words or defame them. To do so would repeat the shameful stifling of discourse that is critical to arriving at scientific truth .
This is the reality : Those who insist that universal mask usage has absolutely proven effective at controlling the spread of the covid virus and is universally recommended according to ''the science '' are deliberately ignoring the evidence to the contrary. It is they who are propagating FALSE and MISLEADING information .


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