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Thought to Ponder: (notes from sermon today)

Gospel worldview:

God is love.
Bible is authority. Has stood the test of time and is infallible. Tells the story of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit – Trinity
Man- created by God to share himself with him. Man rejected a relationship with God – SIN.
Sin (death) separates man from God. Jesus was sent to be THE savior and redeem man back to God (set apart from the world) for God’s glory.
Repentance: His presence convicts us, calls us, leads us into his truth. His power to overcome, His promise of eternal life. To be set apart and Holy.
Holiness is God’s presence.


Subtle deceptive spirit at work taking words of God and twisting it to man’s image. Removes God from authority and replaces him with our FEELINGS.
Feelings are NOT God. “genie in a bottle” attitude.
Sin only exists as a convenient point of conscience – the problem exists somewhere but not in me – never will hear the world repent in the worldview.
Repentance: It is repulsive to our feelings.
Jesus is a knockoff – a fanboy- Not accepted a Lord cause “we got it”. No accountability.
Holy living watered downed and traded for external “happiness” thought to be found in things and not Christ.
You can have the salvation of God WITHOUT surrendering to his authority WITHOUT a change in your life.


I pray the sermons on this page will bless your spirit, that your knowledge grows and your relationship with Christ deepens! These sermons are from 3 different churches I have attended over the recent years. (I move a lot - it's the military in me lol) and the pastors are solid in their knowledge and faith. No false teaching or prosperity gospel here!
The videos will provide the entire service to include the worship portion. Be Blessed!

Pastor David Patrick, East Point Church, Jacksonville FL

Pastor Joby Devos, The Church of Eleven 22, Jacksonville, FL

Pastor Paul Taylor, Rivers Crossings Church, Mason, Oh