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1 month ago

My Free Speech Café would include Magabook, Spreely, Liberty Rush, and USA Life. No Liberals allowed!!

1 month ago

WAKE UP !, and Smell the Internet Tyranny !! Join the RED REVOLT !

🇺🇸 Lets put Face Book, Google, You Tube, and Twitter, in jail for a change ! 🇺🇸

Here's an idea.....September 1st starting at NOON, we ALL BOYCOTT, or BAN if you will, Face Book, Google,Twitter, You Tube, and their sponsors for 24 hours.

Have you been banned ( FB Jail ), shadow banned, de platformed, or had posts removed, due to the Internet Giants global standards, as millions of us have ?

Or how about them trying to now openly silence Conservative speech to win elections ?
What about them making profit from our personal data?
How about Face Book, Google,Twitter and You Tube censorship, and bias?

This is a REVOLT against THEIR Orwellian and UN American actions and policies. This is America 🇺🇸 , NOT the Socialist European Union or Communist China !
Let this be a monthly protest, to prove our resolve. This will send a message to their sponsors.
If we cannot inconvenience ourselves for one day, then we are all part of the problem.

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Suspecting that Facebook has been censoring me. They're not allowing anyone else to see my comments in my political group. Also not letting me share posts to the group.

Dose anyone know of any good dating sites, I have tried a few but it they were full of THOT's, BOT's, Fake's and Phishers/Scammers...... i'm in a bad place to personally look in Commieforia

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