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I find it exasperating when a social media site removes your groups without your knowledge or consent. Thankfully, Maga Book does not do this. I'm glad to see my groups are still on here.

woo hoo! I guess I am memeber #69 ....thanks for having me!

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4 months ago

My Free Speech Café would include Magabook, Spreely, Liberty Rush, and USA Life. No Liberals allowed!!

4 months ago

WAKE UP !, and Smell the Internet Tyranny !! Join the RED REVOLT !

🇺🇸 Lets put Face Book, Google, You Tube, and Twitter, in jail for a change ! 🇺🇸

Here's an idea.....September 1st starting at NOON, we ALL BOYCOTT, or BAN if you will, Face Book, Google,Twitter, You Tube, and their sponsors for 24 hours.

Have you been banned ( FB Jail ), shadow banned, de platformed, or had posts removed, due to the Internet Giants global standards, as millions of us have ?

Or how about them trying to now openly silence Conservative speech to win elections ?
What about them making profit from our personal data?
How about Face Book, Google,Twitter and You Tube censorship, and bias?

This is a REVOLT against THEIR Orwellian and UN American actions and policies. This is America 🇺🇸 , NOT the Socialist European Union or Communist China !
Let this be a monthly protest, to prove our resolve. This will send a message to their sponsors.
If we cannot inconvenience ourselves for one day, then we are all part of the problem.

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Suspecting that Facebook has been censoring me. They're not allowing anyone else to see my comments in my political group. Also not letting me share posts to the group.

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