Dose anyone know of any good dating sites, I have tried a few but it they were full of THOT's, BOT's, Fake's and Phishers/Scammers...... i'm in a bad place to personally look in Commieforia

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Additionally, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, & CBS will not be broadcasting Trumps 4th of July Celebration because they hate America. Tune in to OANN ch 347 and Fox ch 360 on Directv to see it in full bc these networks are full of Patriotism.

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If anyone is also a Twitter user and ever needs backup, i created a group called Twitter Fight Club so we can aalert each other and "pounce' on leftists to destroy their lies and garbage. Im @boohickert and will have your back.

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So messed up!! Wanted to set up my Parler phone account on Chrome but ended up creating ANOTHER account by mistake!! Now I've got TWO accounts there!! Can't delete the one I made by mistake. No option in settings. Geeze...

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